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Title III Connected to College iPad Project

T3CC iPad Project

iPad and iTunes U

In addition to the Course Design Toolkits, the Instructional Services team is implementing an iPad learning technology distribution program. The aim of the program is to utilize Title III resources by putting iPads and other technologies into the hands of faculty in order to:

       Generate a collection of digital learning materials that support the Toolkit gateway courses such as podcast presentations, videos, and ePubs.

       Collect a set of learning facilitation techniques that utilize mobile technologies within key gateway courses.

       Create a set of learning support materials for key gateway courses for the BCC iTunes University website.

However, in order to meet these goals we need your help!

Here’s what you can do to participate:

1.     Sign up for an iPad 101 or iTunes U training workshop.

Even if you participated in the Title III iPad pilot program we ask that you attend one of the Title III iPad workshops BEFORE you check out one of the Title III iPads.

iPad 101: The iPad as a Learning and Instructional Tool

Each session of ‘iPad 101’ will cover basically the same content, dedicating the first 30 minutes to helping novice users learn about the iPad basics and focusing an hour on how instructors might incorporate the iPad into their curriculum by using the device as an instructional, presentation, and creation tool.

iTunes U: Creating and Sharing Digital Instructional Content

The iTunes U workshops will be for more advanced iPad users who are ready to produce content to upload to iTunes U. The workshop will focus on how to produce instructional content using Apple software with the iPad and the MacBook Pro.

2.     Determine how you would like to use an iPad in your course and check one out

Whether you would like to use an iPad as a presentation device, to test a new instructional App, or create a lesson plan that utilizes the iPad, the Title III iPads may be checked out for short-term (3 to 7days) research and use. If you are producing content for the BCC iTunes U website we can work out a longer term check-out period.

3.     Share your resources

In the spirit of the Course Design Toolkits and the Title III program, we ask anyone who checks out an iPad to share their instructional ideas, suggest a particular app we can add to our catalog, and/or contribute a presentation podcast to BCC’s iTunes U website.

IPad class set pilot project

We are also on the look-out for anyone who is interested in working with the Title III crew to develop a pilot program for the iPad class sets. This development team will meet over the semester to learn about the equipment and design a pilot lesson for their course to be tested in the spring 2012 semester.

The fall 2011 training schedule is listed below. If you are interested in attending one of the sessions or have any questions or concerns, please email